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Ducks as pets could be a journey and a learning experience about handling different types of animals because they have the attitude that you equal the needs of other pets.

You might think, what other animals are good as pets?

You might have your fur babies, like dogs, cats, rodents, rabbits, and flying birds. But have you ever had a pet that can walk, swim, and fly at the same time?

Ducks. These animals are waterfowl that can be found in the wild, farms, and domestic areas. These birds can migrate from one continent to another, finding a place with the perfect environmental factors for mating, breeding, and thriving.

Over the years, these birds found domestication, providing humans with eggs and poultry products for economic, agricultural, and household uses. As their predator, we also learned that ducks can be good pets. Several stories that feature ducks as protagonists brought ideas to humans about taking care of them as well.

In Sarah Gourd’s storybook for preschool kidsBing, a young boy finds an injured duck. The young boy takes the duck and nurses it back to health, befriending it in the process. He names the duck Bing, making moments with it as they start a friendship that lasts a lifetime.

Ducks as pets? Yes, several homes around the world have actually kept ducks as members of their households. Other than giving them poultry products for sustenance, ducks give them companionship as well.

Here are things to consider before getting a pet duck:

Ducks are Gregarious Animals

One thing you must remember when getting a duck is to never get just one. Get at least two. Ducks are generally gregarious or social animals. They tend to become lonely when kept alone. Let them have a companion that will understand their animal gesture as they explore the premises of your home.

Ducks are Noisy

Cats aren’t the most diva-like animals. Among indoor pets, ducks are listed as the loudest. They will quack loudly if they need something or someone. They make sure they grab your attention to get what they need. If your neighbors do not like loud animals, you have to consider this point.

Ducks Eat Pests

One good thing about keeping ducks as pets is that they eat pests. Included in their menu are mosquito larvae, destructive beetles, grasshoppers, slugs, and cockroaches. Some duck species, like Muscovy, would eat and find time to hunt small rodents, lizards, and snakes.

Ducks Are High Maintenance

One downfall of taking care of ducks is that they are pretty much high maintenance. They need a spacious area to explore, move around, forage, and swim. Taking care of them means you must have a yard and a body of water on top of duck food and tools to take care of poop.

As a caretaker, you will need an enclosed yard to avoid escapees, robbers, and predators. You might also need a shelter to protect themselves from aerial predators, such as hawks and eagles. If you do not have a duck pond around your area, you must have a swimming tub. Since these waterfowl love wide open spaces, you would need a swimming tub that’s wide and deep enough for them to enjoy.

Ducks Help Garden

Your ducks can be good gardeners, too! They do not destroy gardens, and their manure helps in fertilizing the soil on top of eating pesky grasses and garden pests. However, you must see to it that your garden does not flood during rainy seasons. These waterfowls would have fun in the rain and trample anything in their way, including the flooded garden.

Ducks Are Messy

Ducks produce huge amounts of manure that could permeate odor and make your yard mucky. Duck manure is easily cleaned if you have a paved yard. You just need water to hose down the filth and keep the pavement clean. For dirt yards, you may allow the poo to mix with the soil and help fertilize your plants.

Ducks Are Friendly and Playful

Ducks are friendly and entertaining creatures. Since they are social animals, you may observe them hanging out and playing around. They also dance to the beat of the music. You may see the feathered creatures nod their heads and stomp their feet when music comes on.

Ducks Are Affectionate

If your ducks have imprinted on you, they will always come around and ask for attention. They can cuddle with you and give you kisses like most pets would do. Going back to the aforementioned noisiness of the animal, they will make loud noises to ask for attention and presence.

Before taking care of ducks as pets, you have to consider other factors, such as your capability as the owner, their lifespan, and the amount of time you will have to spend with them. As animal lovers, we have to be responsible for all the consequences and conditions we need to return.


Sarah is a children’s book author and a retired grade school teacher. She enjoys spending her free time swimming and staying fit. Sarah also loves hanging out with her churchmates. She was born and raised in Connecticut but now resides in Florida.

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